Welcome to Controlcare Limited. Our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Graeme Clarke


Welcome to Controlcare Ltd. I set up this company with the primary aim of providing energy efficient, high quality and fairly costed solutions delivered with a focus on excellent customer service. We use our extensive expertise to ensure that today’s control solutions are designed and maintained to minimise the impact on tomorrow’s world.

Mike Kent


I have a background as a heating maintenance engineer and carry up-to-date gas safe qualifications allowing me to work on most commercial gas appliances. I have a deep understanding of how commercial systems operate and should be controlled. I am trained and experienced in working on Trend, Tridium, Siemens and York control systems from installation to maintenance. I have a passion for customer care and providing an excellent service for our clients.

Daniel Hooke


I have worked within the electrical and controls industry for over 10 years. Having begun my career as an electrical apprentice for large commercial and industrial contacts, I gained my electrical installation and testing certification and was proud to accept the award for Electrical Apprentice of the year from my college. Since joining CCL I have broadened both my electrical knowledge and that of large plant operations and systems.

I am trained and experienced in working on Trend, Tridium, Siemens and York and like all my colleagues I am committed to keeping my electrical qualifications up to date and keeping ahead of the curve with industry advancements. I enjoy CCL’s strong focus on excellent service and take pride in managing my projects professionally and effectively.