We offer a broad range of service, from basic upgrading to installation of state of the art building technologies. Get in touch to see how we can help.



Controlcare provide preventative maintenance of the control systems we have fitted and on a consultant basis for other systems. We offer this service to full Building Management Systems employed over multiple sites down to individual panels controlling small boiler rooms.


We will undertake or supervise installation of new control systems for new builds or refurbishment and we specialise in the replacement of legacy systems and integration with multiple control systems.


Controlcare provide design consultation on proposed control solutions giving insight into control strategies, installation and specification.


We can investigate inoperative or partially operating control systems and provide fault diagnostics and reporting and offer a proposal to deliver a fully documented, safe and working system.


Our Aftercare services include 12 months warranty for all systems installed by us and maintained to CIBSE standards. We ensure our service and maintenance procedures adhere strictly to these standards thus preventing inconvenient downtime and ensuring safe, economical and trouble free functionality across all our systems. We install GSM modems on each project to allow us to undertake remote interrogation of our systems during their warranty period. We are proud to undertake full maintenance contrails at many of our sites including both the mechanical and controls elements, therefore offering our clients a full-service maintenance package.


We pride ourselves on writing bespoke software for new and existing projects for all control purposes. We also provide a depository service, taking software backups and maintaining full off site safe storage of all control and supervisor software and continue to stay ahead of the curve with all technological advancements within our industry.


We offer thorough onsite training of first line maintenance operatives in safety, maintenance procedures, and first line troubleshooting.


For projects without the benefit of suitable full-time expertise on site, we are happy to provide first line support from a fully-manned site to a next-day mobile call out service. We can also set up remote monitoring at your site to provide initial fault finding across your system. Alarm monitoring systems are also available with immediate SMS messaging of critical alarms.Where suitably trained expertise does not exist we will provide first line support with everything from a fully manned site to a next-day mobile callout service. We can also setup remote monitoring at your site so we can remotely access you control system to provide initial fault finding. We can also setup up alarm monitoring with immediate SMS messaging of critical alarms.


We offer all clients the flexibility to pick and mix from our comprehensive service and provide expertise for smaller projects as thoroughly as with our full-service contracts.


Our clients benefit from our re-documentation service. Existing poorly documented systems are thoroughly investigated and electrical control panels are redrawn.

Energy Monitoring – Building Performance

We have the capability to monitor energy usage and use statistical tools to analyse building performance against Degree Days. We will provide full reports and advice on improvements to your company’s Green initiative and energy economy.